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  • CINQ


    Film by Daniel Peter Schulz (director) Julien Joyeux Vittoriani (creative director – editor) in collaboration with Psyché Julia Calberg Les artistes Julia Carlberg – Head stylist Ken Tanuma – Hair Stylist Masafumi Matsuda – Make-Up Josephine Boucheron – Make-Up Lucien Pinchon – Coordination and Styling Les filles from « Angels & Demons – Paris  » Naama Archanjo Maria de Los Angeles Anna Kovach Anouchka Alsif Julie Mithieux Music Inspector 22 « over my shoulder » Thanks Lightkitchen Studios Almost Digital Laurent Bonhomme

  • Tally Weijl // Summer Campaign 2012

    Tally Weijl // Summer Campaign 2012

    This film was shooted by Daniel Peter Schulz and I edited it.

  • The Darkness

    The Darkness


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