Tally Weijl // Summer Campaign 2012

This film was shooted by Daniel Peter Schulz and I edited it.

Backstage at Studio 1001 Vue with D’pendanse

"Backstage" film is a making of a shooting.

Film by: Model Clip (Julien  Joyeux Vittoriani and Eric Joubert - modelclip@free.fr / modelclip.wordpress.com/)
Photographer: Guillaume Malheiro (guillaumemalheiro.com)
Starring: Maxime Dereymez, Katrina Patchett, Fauve Hautot, Valentin Regnault, Silvia Notargiacomo et Fabio Notargiacomo
Photographer assist: Arthur Perset
Hair and Make up: Marie Viat ( marieviat.com ) and Faustine Hornok

Location at Studio 1001 Vue (studio1001vues.com) in March 2012

Yzéïs - Summer 2012

Making of Summer Collection 2012 by Yzéïs©, creation from Pauline Pernes.

Photographer: Guillaume Malheiro

Assistant: Artur Perset.

Hair & Make-up: Nicolas Cueff

Models: Hélène Lecompte et Anne-sophie Trebel


Artiste: Arielle Domsbale

Photos: Leonardo Marcos

Musique: Daven Keller " Metronome 2"

Film hommage à Alain Robes-Grillet

Samurai by Thomas Krappitz

This is a shooting by Thomas Krappitz for Marie Claire Italy.

And we make film during the series.

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Black the Border, Wipe the Gape

The model is Lise, Christian Borth shooted her. Thomas Klein is the stylist. Cindy Leroux the make-up artist. And Frank Nemoz is hair artist.

With Chrisitan, we created the film, mixing with a lot of differents audio sources.

The film was shown during an exhibition in Berlin, December, 2010.

Ana Girardot

Starring: Ana Girardot

Director: Thomas Krappitz

Editor: Julien Joyeux Vittoriani

Make-up: Takuya

Hair: Yusuke Tanigushi



Lost in Moscou w/ Lys Inger

Lost Paradise

[pro-player  type='video' image='https://www.julienjoyeux.com/wordpress/wp-content/video/lost_paradise/Lost_Paradise.png']http://www.julienjoyeux.com//wordpress/wp-content/video/lost_paradise/LostParadise_REF.mov[/pro-player]

Souvenir from Lapland w/ Olya ( Lapland with a kiss )

Souvenir de Laponie.

[pro-player  type='video' image='https://www.julienjoyeux.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/souvenir_2551-1_H.jpg']https://www.julienjoyeux.com/wordpress/wp-content/video/souvenir/Souvenir_720x370.flv[/pro-player]



Where did a journey take you ?

Where will life take you ?

Follow the journey of three persons.